Evolutionary Astrology is a unique approach that uses the symbolism of traditional Western astrology, recognizing both the wisdom and the patterns or stories of a soul throughout numerous lifetimes. It gives an individual, as well as couples, children, and families, a lens to work with in order to know themselves in a deep and intimate way, uncovering patterns that we might call ‘karmic’, as well as offering acccess to one’s evolutionary trajectory for healing, integration, and evolution.

As defined by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, evolutionary astrology embraces paradigms and methodologies which specifically measure the growth of the soul from life to life. These methods invariably focus on the planet Pluto and its relationship to the Nodal Axis. While it is composed of a set of specific formal methodologies, evolutionary astrology is ultimately characterized less by a technical approach than by a set of philosophical principles defined by natural law. Different evolutionary astrologers may use somewhat different interpretive methods, but they can always be recognized by a devotion to the following core perceptions:

~An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.

~An acceptance of the fact that the birthchart reflects the evolutionary condition of the soul at the moment of incarnation.

~An acceptance of the fact that the birthchart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life.

~An acceptance of the fact that the circumstances of the present life, both materially and psychologically, do not arise randomly, but rather reflect the evolutionary intentions and necessities of the soul.

~An acceptance of the fact that human beings interact creatively and unpredictably with their birthcharts; that all astrological symbols are multi-dimensional and are modulated into material and psychic expression by the consciousness of the individual.

~A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, no matter the evolutionary state in which such an individual finds himself or herself.

 Copyright 2000, Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green 


Rate for Readings:
$250 for Natal Chart

A Natal Chart reading consists of a full explanation of your natal, or birth chart, and is the framework upon which all other readings rest. We use this chart to help you cultivate an understanding of your gifts, your blind spots, and everything in between, as well as how to work with the different energies you bring in to find balance and awareness in this life, and evolutionary growth from a soul's perspective.

$250 for Current Event Chart

A Current Event reading consists of a full explanation of current events from the astrological perspective, including the Transits and Progressions of the planets, as well as Eclipses and the Solar Arc chart. Each event always refers back to the Natal Chart to give a deeper and more rich understanding of life's synchronicity and the windows of opportunity presenting themselves at the time of the reading. We use this chart to help you understand the play of the different planetary and astrological energies, the influences they are bringing to your life, and how to skillfully navigate each rite of passage with awareness, humility, and possibly even a sense of humor.


$250 for Relationship Chart

A Relationship reading consists of a full explanation of the complex dynamics within a relationship, and how a couple can navigate these dynamics as gracefully and skillfully as possible. This reading uses each individual's chart and how the charts interact together to create a clear picture of a couple's work and play with one another. It also works with the composite chart, or the chart for the relationship itself, in order to shed more light on the needs, strengths, and possible blind spots of the relationship itself. This information is combined to give a couple access to a healthy and sustainable view of their relationship and how to live it to its most optimal potential.

Readings are approximately 2.5-3 hours in length. Clients will receive an mp3 recording of the reading, as well as hard or soft copies of their charts.