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Imbolc:: A Weekend of Inspiration, Creativity, & Renewal

Imbolc marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, a time of lengthening days and a felt sense of warmth. Not yet Spring, Imbolc symbolizes its coming with the regeneration of life. It hearkens creativity and renewal, and its associated goddess, Brigid, exemplifies healing on all levels, poetry and the precise beauty of language, and smithcraft and the refinement of one’s skills. This weekend of workshops will celebrate our capacity to go with the Universe, and in so doing, align with our own nature that is visionary, inspired, and authentic.

Saturday AM::

Explore your visionary potential with strong standing postures that work with the anterior chain and yang ming channel (Chinese Medicine speak) to facilitate strength and opening in balance with one another. Work with one of Brigid’s yogic complements, Saraswati, to hone your insight and creative capacities.

Saturday PM::

Spend time in the steadiness of seated hip-openers, hamstring stretches, and twisting postures, especially opening the posterior chain and tai yang channel (Chinese Medicine). Connect with the abiding presence of your innermost nature with grace and ease.

Sunday AM::

“Brigid is associated with perpetual, sacred flames” that represent the constant presence of tejas, or luminosity, within us all. Connect with this flame of radiance within you and those in the community with a full-spectrum practice that focuses on the sides of the body, or shao yang channel (Chinese Medicine).

Sunday PM::

Close the weekend with a quiet but powerful practice that opens the deeper yin channels of the body:: tai yin, shao yin, and jue yin. Not to be confused with ‘yin yoga’, this session will lovingly yet clearly engage the muscles of the body to create equanimity in mind, body, spirit. Prepare to spend some time supine!


Entire Weekend, Early Bird:: $175

Entire Weekend, Regular:: $200

A la Carte:: $55