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Cosmically Aligned!

Each day brings a plethora of cosmic possibilities as the Sun, Moon, and planets make their way through the sky, and thus, the astrological signs. As humans, we have an inherent relationship to this phenomena, certainly feeling the energies corresponding to each part of the astrological equation through the movement of the planets within the zodiac signs and houses of our birth charts. Each day, week, month, and year provide a myriad of opportunities for growth, evolution, and awakening. Evolutionary astrology gives us a lens through which we can interpret and deeply understand exactly what’s going on in order to skillfully work with the energies at play.

This course is an opportunity to get to know the Cosmos more fully, and in so doing, to know more fully oneself through the lens of evolutionary astrology. Participants will receive an hour-long recording of the cosmic happenings on the New Moon of each month, and on the Full Moon in April 2019, when the course begins. The wisdom of this astrological symbolism, as well as that of the yoga practice with its postures and myth, and the insights of Chinese Medicine will be woven together within each conversation. Contemplation questions will be offered each month, and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in the course. Each attendee will receive a natal chart in the beginning of the course, as well as a transits chart for each Cosmically Aligned session, giving the ability to follow exactly what is happening in her cosmic calendar each month.

Cost of the course is $153 and includes 13 Cosmically Aligned recordings from April 2019-March 2020. And if you’ve found that you’ve missed out on the beginning date but are still interested in being a part of the program, send me a note! Pro-rating is available.